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How Money Savvy Are You?

You don’t have to be a math whiz or know how to pick stocks to become savvy about money.  Being savvy about money is more about being engaged, understanding what you want and having a plan designed for your life.  And it all starts with your experience with your advisor.   

Take this quiz right now to rate your experience with the financial advisor in your life. I’ll read 5 questions, and you write down a score of 1 to 5, with 1 being non-existent, and 5 being absolutely yes. Total the points to determine if you are getting what you need and want from your advisor:

Number one: I understand the purpose for my money and feel totally confident about my progress.

Number two: I am financially organized and know what I have and how it will support me.

Number three: I enjoy meeting with my advisor and am constantly learning more about my money.

Number four: I have a financial plan that is designed around my life and helps me track my progress.

Number five: My financial knowledge has increased measurably since working with my advisor.

If you scored a 25, congratulations! You are fully engaged in planning for your financial life. If you scored less than 25, perhaps it’s time you engaged in a new experience.

Our mission is to help every woman become fully engaged in her financial affairs, understanding the process and enjoying her journey to financial confidence.

What worked for you before retirement may not work during retirement.

Are you prepared?

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