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#14 - Top 5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Social Security

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As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living, I think”

In this episode, Eric discusses important aspects of Social Security benefits, specifically for women who are looking to financial plan and navigate their portfolios. He covers topics such as social security filing strategies, the three keys to a successful retirement for women, eligibility requirements for benefits, spousal benefits, and survivor benefits, the impact of age on benefits, and challenges faced by business owners in saving for retirement.

 Key Highlights: 

  • Social security as a guaranteed retirement income source that increases annually
  • Eligibility requirements for Social Security retirement benefits
  • Spousal benefits and eligibility based on spouse's or ex-spouse's work history
  • Filing benefits off of a spouse's work history does not reduce benefits
  • Choosing benefits if married multiple times for at least ten years each
  • And more!

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