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#17 - Financially Fearless Women with Barb Provost and Maggie Nielsen


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Ladies, have you ever considered the unique aspects of your finances?

Today’s dialogue sheds new light on the critical topic of women’s financial empowerment. Eric Blake welcomes Dr. Barb Provost and Maggie Nielsen, founders of Purse Strings, to explore the critical topic of women’s financial empowerment. Together, they uncover the unique financial challenges faced by women and emphasize the importance of adopting a “financially fearless” approach.

 Key Highlights

  • Systemic Challenges: Addressing the pink tax, wage gaps, and the additional caregiving responsibilities that disproportionately affect women
  • Becoming Financially Fearless: The need for women to engage in proactive financial planning and decision-making
  • Industry Critique: A look at how the financial services industry’s male-centric models fail women, and the urgent need for female-focused financial education and services
  • Proactive Financial Planning: The importance of women taking charge of their financial planning, especially as they approach retirement
  • Purse Strings – A Vital Resource: The discussion showcases Purse Strings as an essential tool for financial literacy, connecting women with vetted financial professionals
  • Diverse Financial Professionals: The wide range of professionals available through Purse Strings, catering to the varied financial needs of women
  • Overcoming Financial Barriers: Strategies for overcoming financial shame and insecurity, empowering women to use money as a tool for achieving dreams and impacting the community
  • And much more!

Episode Resources

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➡ Website: Pursestrings.co
➡ LinkedIn: Dr. Barbara Provost, EdD, MS Ed, MBM
➡ LinkedIn: Maggie Nielsen, MBA
➡ Website: Pursestrings.com/Podcast

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