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#20 - Caregiving: Strategies and Resources for Women with Lili Udell Fiore


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Are you prepared for the emotional and practical realities of caregiving?

Join us for an enlightening episode of The Simply Retirement Podcast, where host Eric Blake dives into the world of caregiving, a role predominantly shouldered by women. Joined by Lili Udell Fiore, author and founder of Much Love Lili, they explore the unique challenges and effective strategies in caregiving, especially in the context of retirement planning for women.

 Key Highlights:

  • Empowering Women Caregivers: Lili sheds light on women's pivotal role in caregiving, backed by her own rich experiences and professional insights
  • Journey and Expertise: Drawing from her personal story and her father's influence, Lili provides relatable guidance and support
  • Emotional Balance and Practical Tips: Learn how to manage emotional well-being alongside the practical demands of caregiving
  • Planning Ahead: Lili stresses the importance of proactive planning, from legal considerations to understanding family health history
  • Everyday Caregiving Strategies: Discover practical tips following the Four Agreements principles, preparing for daily caregiving challenges
  • Resource Treasure Trove: The discussion also features Lili’s upcoming book and her website, offering invaluable tools for caregivers
  • And much more!

Episode Resources: 

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