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#15 - Unveiling the Secrets to a Truly Successful Retirement for Women


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What if there’s much more to women’s retirement planning than you ever imagined? 

We’ve got some surprises in store for you.

Join us for a captivating episode of the Simply Retirement podcast as we dive into the nuances of retirement planning specifically for women. Joined by Dr. Karen Midyet, a renowned clinical psychologist specializing in retirement and aging, they dissect the intricate blend of financial and emotional elements crucial to a woman’s retirement journey.

 Key Highlights

  • Uncover the art of building vibrant social networks post-retirement
  • Learn how activities like pickleball and community engagement can transform socializing in retirement
  • Explore how educational pursuits, from online to university-level, can reinvent your retirement experience
  • Dive into Dr. Midyet’s innovative approach to mental, physical, and nutritional wellness for retirees
  • Understand why planning in your 50s is pivotal for a fulfilling retirement
  • Realize your retirement dreams with the power of personalized coaching
  • Plus, much more insightful content!

Episode Resources

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➡ Ask a Question
➡ Unlocking the Secrets to a Healthy and Vibrant Retirement with Kim Lee (Ep. 7)
➡ LinkedIn: Karen Midyet
➡ Website: Dr. Karen Midyet.com
➡ Website: CoachingAgingAdults.com

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We specialize in helping women over 55 develop a retirement strategy that provides dignity and independence throughout retirement.

Our Simply Retirement Roadmap™ will help you answer your BIG questions on how to live retirement on your terms and help you evaluate our firm.

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