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Welcome to The Simply Retirement Podcast with Eric Blake, a financial professional from Blake Wealth Management. Our goal is to support women approaching retirement and help them navigate the challenges of this important phase of life. With years of experience, Eric and his guests provide insights and advice on retirement planning, specifically for widows, divorcees, or women that are simply ready to take control of their financial future.

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#25 - Navigating Healthcare in Your Golden Years

Discover the intersection of healthcare and retirement planning in the latest episode of The Simply Retirement Podcast. Host Eric Blake welcomes Pamela Farris, founder of Harmony Care Management. They explore the vital role of care management in retirement, offering invaluable insights for retirees, particularly women facing solo aging, healthcare challenges, or those in need of holistic care solutions.

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#21 - Navigating Senior Living Decisions with Joyce Logan

Explore the complexities of retirement housing in this insightful episode of The Simply Retirement Podcast. Host Eric Blake, a staunch advocate for women's financial independence in retirement, invites Joyce Logan, Certified Senior Living Advisor. They discuss the challenges and solutions to finding the right retirement housing, combining Joyce's personal experiences and professional expertise.

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What worked for you before retirement may not work during retirement.

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