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Retirement Guides and Checklists

Identity Theft Steps for Victims

Unfortunately, identity theft is likely to impact us all at some point. However, knowing what steps to take to avoid or at least minimize significant damage to your financial life can be confusing to say the least. We created this easy-to-follow guide on steps to take immediately, what steps to take next and additional steps you may want to take to avoid future issues.

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2022 Important Numbers

There are lots of important numbers to keep in mind when planning for retirement. In some cases, those numbers are annual limits that change each year. Other times, the figures do not often change but are used frequently. Given the variety of sources that report relevant numbers, it can be difficult to quickly find the right reference when you need it. In response to this challenge, we’ve created the two-page “Important Numbers” resource.

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Am I Eligible for Social Security Benefits if I Have Been Divorced?

Social Security benefits can be confusing if you have ever been divorced. There are several important and unique issues that must be considered before filing a claim to collect Social Security benefits. To help make the analysis easier, we have created the “Am I Eligible For Social Security Benefits If I Have Been Divorced?” flowchart. It addresses these common Social Security issues that arise for individuals who have experienced a divorce.

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