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Retirement Guides and Checklists

2022 Important Numbers

There are lots of important numbers to keep in mind when planning for retirement. In some cases, those numbers are annual limits that change each year. Other times, the figures do not often change but are used frequently. Given the variety of sources that report relevant numbers, it can be difficult to quickly find the right reference when you need it. In response to this challenge, we’ve created the two-page “Important Numbers” resource.

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Am I Eligible for Medicare Part A & Part B?

In most cases, determining Medicare eligibility is a straightforward process. Nevertheless, it is important to review your unique circumstances in order to make an accurate determination and to identify your available options. To help make this analysis easier, we have created the “Am I Eligible For Medicare Part A & Part B” flowchart. It addresses some of the most common Medicare eligibility issues that arise.

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What Issues Should I Consider When Purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance?

Many retirees may be contemplating their needs and options for LTC insurance. This can be a complicated analysis, dependent upon an individual’s age, health, financial circumstances, wealth transfer goals, and general philosophy. Retirees may struggle and be reluctant to weigh the risks and benefits, and to assess the potential value of LTC coverage. To help you guide you through this dilemma, we have created this checklist. It covers key issues to consider prior to purchasing LTC coverage.

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Should I Change My Medicare Coverage During Open Enrollment?

Many retirees currently rely on Medicare plans for their health care coverage. They may have enrolled in Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage, and they likely have prescription drug coverage as well. For current beneficiaries of all of these plans (Medicare A, B, C, and D), October 15 marks the beginning of the Open Enrollment Period, during which changes in coverage may be made. This flowchart helps you guide your clients through a series of considerations when evaluating and comparing their Medicare options.

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Will Healthcare Change As I Transition Into Retirement?

There are a lot of moving parts involved when deciding what health insurance is most appropriate as you are nearing retirement. This is especially true for those who may not be ready to apply for Medicare. To help make this analysis easier, we have created the “Will Healthcare Change As I Transition Into Retirement?” flowchart. It addresses common health insurance-related issues for clients who are evaluating their healthcare options in retirement.

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What worked for you before retirement may not work during retirement.

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